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What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Rotator Cuff TearIn the past, treatment of orthopedic injuries involved procedures with large incisions and prolonged recovery periods. However, with the aid of an arthoscope, your orthopedic surgeon can examine, diagnose, and treat joint problems more easily.

The arthoscope is a small fiber-optic viewing instrument made up of a tiny lens, light source, and video camera. The surgical instruments used in arthoscopic surgery are very small, but appear much larger when viewed through an arthoscope due to its magnifying ability.

The surgeon inserts the arthoscope into the joint through a tiny incision (portal). Two other portals, in surgeries performed by our doctor, are used for the insertion of surgical instruments. These instruments allow direct access to most areas of the joint, allowing the correction and repair of damage with minimal incisions. And with any smaller cut, there is a shorter recovery time!

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